Planting Instructions

  Mossy Oak Nativ Nursery began as all of the segments of the Mossy Oak enterprise, with a fistful of dirt and a deep rooted desire to get people closer to nature. Our founder, Toxey Haas, was, and still is, utterly obsessed with resource and land management. It inspired him to create a unique camouflage pattern called Bottomland in 1986 and has since continued to drive the entire Mossy Oak enterprise to offer folks better ways to get closer to nature. is proud to work with Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries to bring you not only Archery Supplies but many of these quality trees.   


Planting Instructions

  1. Mossy Oak Nativ Nursery Trees are carefully grown and hand-selected for superior root growth and therefore greater fruit bearing in the Fall when wildlife can benefit from it.  Genetic research, root stimulation, plant selection and making sure the right plant in the right place are all part of our plan at Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries.
  2. Carefully removing the plant from the container or packaging will ensure that all the vital feeder roots stay intact to help the plant reach it's full potential.
  3. Proper soil can be essential in the process as some plants prefer different PH levels, some like wetter soils, and even some prefer shade as to sun conditions. A soil test is very important in deciding which plants and what fertilizer requirements are necessary.  To learn more about how to get a soil test or where to get it done click here.
  4. Soil preparation is important in the process, such as soil aeration, tillage for root growth, and even weed removal to give the plant less competition for vital nutrients and water.
  5. The hole for planting the tree should never be deeper than the root collar, and even just above that is better to ensure the plant does not suffocate from planting too deep.
  6. Watering is extremely important in the first few days after planting.  Your Nativ tree has been pampered and cared for daily with water and nutrient needs at the nursery and it will need to condition itself to the environment in which you have now placed it.  Reducing the water from daily to weekly and eventually just natural rain fall will help with this process.  Over-watering is a concern as well, as plants do not like to keep wet feet.  The roots need to time to dry out between watering.
  7. Some plants require different fertilizing needs, but usually a basic rate such as 10-10-10 will give your new Nativ tree the jump start it needs to survive and flourish.  Be careful to read your label for the proper amounts to apply as over-fertilizing can kill your new plants as well.
  8. Usually in a natural setting deer will browse on new plants and young bucks will destroy small trees with their horns.  Some kind of protections is need to prevent this.  We can supply tree wraps for small trees for limited protection.  A plastic protector or even wire screen can be used to allow your tree to mature to the point of being able to survive damage from you wildlife.  Even rabbits and squirrels can cause damage that a young tree cannot survive.  Look at your Nativ tree as an investment that you want to protect.
  9. After carefully planting, watering, and protecting your new tree, yearly maintenance is a good idea to insure that you get the results your looking for.   Some of our hybrid species of oaks may produce mast with 3 years of planting.  Of course this depends on the soil conditions, water, and proper maintenance you provide in the early stages of development.

Click Here to help you determine our soil PH levels

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Planting Tips / Rapid Mast Process

Plants are essentially nutrient transfer agents; naturally, if they aren’t in the right soil and conditions, they won’t flourish or be able to provide as much benefit as they would if planted in the right conditions. Browse through our plant offering by category or search our plant catalog for specific plants. You’ll learn valuable information about each one including the proper soils to plant them in and the natural benefits you and the wildlife will receive from planting them.

At Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries, we follow a belief that “every tree is a snowflake.” In other words, no two trees or plants are alike, and we rely on the variation within the species to develop seedling stock from parent trees that exhibit traits that are superior for wildlife and your property.

The idea of using a selection process for improving plants is not a new one. For example, many fruits and vegetables have been improved for pest resistance, flavor, storage, and shelf appeal, and others. Several pine tree species have been improved with faster growth, resistance to disease, and superior timber quality. Most importantly to us is that very little has been done to improve the oaks for enhanced mast production for wildlife…until now.

Oaks from most nurseries are simply referred to by their scientific and common name followed with a brief description about their general value to wildlife. While every individual oak can provide acorns for wildlife, it’s common knowledge that certain individuals within a species drop more acorns or are more desired than the one growing nearby. Thanks to this wide range of variation within the species, we search for traits that wildlife and wildlife enthusiasts prefer, and only collect seed from parent trees that exhibit those preferred traits. For example, the white oaks are notorious for dropping only on “good years,” which may be once every four or five years. That’s why we only collect acorns from white oaks that produce crops on a consistent basis. Drop times also vary within the species. We noticed a few Shumard oaks that consistently drop much earlier or later than the norm. Planting seedlings from these trees can allow you to “customize” your planting areas based on when they drop. Several of our oaks were chosen because deer seem to single their acorns out compared to the same species surrounding it, which tells us they must taste better. We also choose for precocity, which is the ability to produce a crop at a much younger age than normal. If wildlife and property managers want it, we’ve probably made selections for it!

Managing wildlife all begins with managing the habitat. Improving natural habitat is the most important gift you can give your land and its inhabitants. Planting food plots, maintaining roads, controlled burning, and deer herd management are all good ways to ensure that you and the wildlife are getting the most out of your land. However, often times many forget that the addition of natural elements can be the best thing you can do for your property. Water, food, and cover are the essential parts of a habitat. At Nativ Nurseries, these are our specialty.

The Nativ Nurseries Rapid Mast system utilizes a combination of our own proprietary treatments, focused on producing the absolute healthiest stock and root system available. The process begins with seed collection, with parent tree traits such as; mast production at a young age(precocity), vigorous growth, heavy and consistent production, wildlife preference, and disease resistance. Our select seeds are propagated and raised in greenhouse/nursery facilities following a specific protocol that ensures a fibrous and aggressive lateral root system. These fibrous “feeder” roots allow the plant to assimilate exponentially more nutrients and water, resulting in larger, healthier, stress tolerant stock that literally takes off when transplanted into its permanent home. The Nativ Nurseries Rapid Mast system is a completely natural, yet enhanced growth environment that can offer results from mast producing trees much sooner than ever before thought possible! Research indicates that not only do these plants grow much faster and survive much better, they typically produce mast in less than half the time of most traditional plantings…sometimes even three times faster!!

So if you’re interested in providing your property and it’s wildlife nothing but the best that Mother Nature can provide, look no further than Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries! We’re picky! We’re serious about success, and know you are too, which is why we do what we do.


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