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Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries began as all of the segments of the Mossy Oak enterprise, with a fistful of dirt and a deep rooted desire to get people closer to nature. Our founder, Toxey Haas, was, and still is, utterly obsessed with resource and land management. It inspired him to create a unique camouflage pattern called Bottomland in 1986 and has since continued to drive the entire Mossy Oak enterprise to offer folks better ways to get closer to nature. is proud to work with Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries to bring you many of these quality trees.

Toxey Haas

Creator and CEO of Mossy Oak

Toxey Pruning


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Planting Map

"Early Drop" Shummard Oak Tree
Part #: EDSO-001

"Gobbler" Sawtooth Oak
Part #: GSO-001

"Gobbler" White Oak Tree
Part #: GWO-001

"Late Drop" Live Oak Tree
Part #: LDLO-001

"MASTadon" Bur Oak Tree
Part #: MBO-001

American Beauty Berry Flowering Shrub
Part #: ABB-001

American Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana)
Part #: AP-001

Bilogic Plot Protector Ribbon
Part #: Plot-001

BioLogic Tree-Packs
Part #: BTP-001

Cherrybark Oak Tree
Part #: CO-001

Chickasaw Plum (Prunus angustifolia) Fruit Tree
Part #: CP-001

Chinese Chestnut Tree
Part #: CC-001

Nativ Pecan Tree
Part #: NP-001

Nuttall Oak Tree
Part #: NO-001

Overcup x Live Oak Hybrid Tree
Part #: OLOH-001

Overcup x Swamp Chestnut Oak Hybrid
Part #: OSCO-001

Plant Protector
Part #: PLANT-001

Part #: STO-001

Part #: STOP-001

Part #: SO-001

Tree Protector Package
Part #: TPP-001

Tree Protector w/out Stakes
Part #: TPWOS-001

Water Oak Tree
Part #: WOT-001

Water x Cherrybark Oak Hybrid Tree
Part #: WCOH-001

Part #: WO-001

White x English Oak Hybrid Tree
Part #: WEOH-001

White x Overcup Oak Hybrid Tree
Part #: WOOH-001


Displaying results 1-27 (of 28)
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Wildlife Trees for Deer can be a very effective food source for your hunting farms.  While food plots are one of the main avenues to provide high quality nutrition for deer or other big game.  During certain times of the year Deer and other Game can not resist the fruit that come from Plants for Wildlife Trees produce.  From Persimmons to Pears to Apples to Plums we have a large selection of Wildlife Plants and Trees for Sale and on sale.  These Wildlife Trees or Plants for Wildlife are like magnets to Deer and other game animals when they are producing.

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