UltraLight Pro 22

UltraLight Pro 22

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'Tell us your fletching color choices and specify for which shafts if you are buying more than one dozen.
For example; "Please fletch the Maxima 350 with two White hen fletch and the cock with Flo Green.
See Arrow Ordering for more details'

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Large diameter shafts don’t have to be heavy. Nor do lightweight shafts have to be week. The Gold Tip Ultralight Pro 22 is the perfect marriage of light weight, large diameter and Gold Tip toughness. When tested against other large diameter carbon shafts, the Ultralight Series 22 has shown nearly double the impact strength, and at an amazing 7.3grains per inch. Ultralight Series 22 arrows are available in two grades, the standard Ultralight at +/-005” and the Ultralight Pro at +/-.001”, and are FITA legal at a .338” outside diameter. One Dozen Size 22 - 7.3 grains per inch Straightness - ±.001" Includes Nocks and Inserts For a specific fletching color please indicate in comments section during checkout.

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