Tree Protector w/out Stakes

Tree Protector w/out Stakes

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Tree Protectors are 48" tall.
Provide your own stakes. Recommended stake materials:
PVC schedule 40 electrical conduit pipe, treated pine or decay-resistant hardwood.

Why Tree tubes?

Tree tubes (also called tree protectors) are a necessary step towards ensuring the best chance for survival and enhanced growth rates.  Survival and fast growth leads to early and abundant mast production.  Even if mast production isn’t your goal, initial and long -term survivability most certainly is. 


Deer love to eat fresh, tender growth of tree seedlings.  Bucks also seem to target young, isolated trees to rub their antlers on.  Tree tubes protect seedlings from both forms of deer damage.  We want deer to use our trees, but not until they start dropping fruit or acorns, and tree tubes are the ticket for getting past that vulnerable seedling and sapling stage.  Even with tubes installed, deer can and will browse the growth as soon as it emerges from the top of the tube, but the growth is usually fast enough to push right by their reach at this stage.  If you have a high deer density, we recommend spraying that emerging top growth with Biologic’s Plot Protector Solution, which will discourage their feeding long enough for the growth to bypass their reach. Tree tubes also deter other critters, such as mice from chewing on the base of young seedlings. 


Aside from protecting your seedlings from damaging agents, the other very important role tree tubes provide is extremely fast growth.  Tree tubes act like a tiny greenhouse, which increases the plants photosynthetic and transpiration rates.  They also trap and direct moisture directly to the root system each and every day.  No kidding, we have greater than 90% success when planting our rapid mast seedlings in the mid-summer, Mississippi heat.  All we do is pour one 12 oz. bottle of water down the tube at planting time and surround the tube with a weed mat or mulch.  Summer planted trees don’t normally grow much the first season, but most definitely have a head start the following spring.  

*Price reflects cost per tube and inc

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