Nativ Pecan Tree

Nativ Pecan Tree

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At Mossy Oak, we believe pecans are incredibly overlooked as timber and wildlife trees.  We also believe in going the extra mile to ensure our seedlings and trees have the best root systems possible.  Pecans are notorious for having a big taproot to deal with which can make transplanting and long-term success a problem.  Although smaller, and harder to crack and shell, seedling pecans taste better than the grafted papershell selections.  Squirrels and turkeys love pecans, and deer will nail them on slow acorn years too.  Although our favorite seed tree behind the nursery tolerates a poorly drained alkaline clay, plant pecans on some well drained fertile bottom ground or low slopes for the fastest growth.  The addition of zinc sulfate in the spring and summer helps to boost mast production.  Let us know a year in advance, and we can custom grow wholesale quantities of these as rootstocks for your favorite papershell varieties.   TREE SIZE UPON DELIVERY - RAPID MAST SEEDLING 10"+

Zone:  6 - 9
Soil pH:  4.3 - 7.5+
Mature Height: 140'
Wildlife Value:  Fox, squirrel, opossum, raccoon, deer, turkey.
Site Preference:  Well-drained soil that does not flood for long periods of time.
Nut Maturity Date:  Fall
Alias:  Pecan

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