"Late Drop" Live Oak Tree

"Late Drop" Live Oak Tree

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Toxey discovered this young live one fall afternoon, and noticed that its acorns were still green when they should have been littering the ground.  A follow up trip around Christmas time revealed loads of fresh, mature acorns gracing the sidewalk, so he stopped what he was doing and collected a bunch.  That was three or four years ago, and the ‘late drop’ live continues to shed its mast about a month and a half to two months later than most other live oaks.  The acorns also have a slightly different look, and a noticeably sweeter taste. Combining those traits with its tardy acorn drop leaves us confused as to whether or not this tree is a hybrid with another type of live oak, a grandchild of a live hybrid that has backcrossed with live, or simply a Southern live with its own personality.   Just to illustrate how special this tree is, one surprise seedling nicknamed ‘nugget,’ sports a three inch caliper and acorns at the age of three! We recommend planting these guys mixed with our other live oaks in hopes of providing a wide window of acorn drop time from mid-October through December.   Be sure to provide plenty of space for these trees, because all live oaks prefer to grow wider than tall.  Take notice Texas folks!

Zone:  7 - 10 (see Map)
Soil pH:  4.3 - 7.2
Mature Height: 50' - 80'
Wildlife Value:  Acorns important source of food for deer, wild turkey, northern bob white, black bear, mallard, and sap sucker.
Site Preference:  Thrives on many sites. Tolerant of poorer sites once established.  Naturally occurs on low ground but doesn't not tolerate long durations of flooding.
Drop Time:  November - December
Alias:  "Late Drop" Live Oak

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