Chinese Chestnut Tree

Chinese Chestnut Tree

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Zone:  5 - 9
Soil pH:  5.0 - 7.0  
Mature Height: 30'-50'
Wildlife Value:  Excellent
Site Preference:  Well drained soils are favorable, but can adapt to most sites. Avoid wet areas.
Nut Maturity Date:  Mid-Late Fall
Requires Pollinator:  Yes, more than one tree is required to produce mast


Chinese chestnut trees are typically overlooked when hunters begin looking for trees to plant for wildlife.  Chestnuts not only produce a highly preferred mast crop that’s hearty and sweet to the taste, they provide an excellent source of fats and proteins that are essential to most all wildlife diets. Typically, Chinese chestnuts are known to begin producing nuts in as little as ten years; when grown with our Rapid Mast system you can expect to see fruit production much sooner. These particular strains containing mostly overseas genetics have been selected for their heavy mast production capability and resistance to diseases such as chestnut blight. Chestnut blight has almost completely wiped out American chestnut trees throughout the central and eastern portions of the country, but seem to barely, if at all, affect the strains from the orient. Our trees begin dropping nuts in the early fall, and is an incredible source of attraction for early season hunts and trail cam photos.  If you like early droppers such as sawtooth oak, give our chestnuts a shot- you won’t be disappointed!  

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