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First, you need to remember a compound bow will draw back only a specific distance before it stops and hits the "wall".  Compound bows are designed to be shot from the full-draw position.  If a compound bow is set for a 30" draw length, it should always be shot from the full 30" draw position to ensure maximum performance.  Draw length should be customized to your size.

To measure your draw length, determine the length of your arm-span in inches.  Stand with your arms out and palms facing forward.  Just stand naturally and ensure that you do not stretch when measuring.  Have someone else help you, and measure from the tip of one middle finger to the other.  See picture examples below.  Then divide that number by 2.5.  The quotient is your proper draw length (in inches) for your body size.  Many bowhunters set their bows for too much draw length.  The reason for this is to obtain greater arrow speed.  While this does occur this can also result in poor shooting form, inaccuracy, and even a painful string slap on the forearm.  Beyond these potential issues if your bow is not set up properly it can result in lack of confidence in the field. 
 How To Measure Draw Length

                                 More Determining Draw Length examples:

                            How to measure draw length

                            How to measure draw length

     If you are a person of average proportions, your arm-span will be proportionate to your height (in inches).  Due to this there is a direct correlation between a person's height and their draw length. Use the tables below to help you double check your draw length using the assumption that your draw length is relative to your height.     

Long Draw Length Shooters

Long Draw Shooters

Short Draw Length Shooters

Short Draw shooters

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