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Take advantage of Stick'em Archery's Pro Staff exercise and workout routines.  They have incorporated health and fitness into their lives for many years.  Combined they have extensive experience and knowledge they are sharing to help you be a more productive bowhunter in the field.  There are a number of muscles we use as bowhunters that if enhanced can help us be more productive and effective.  Make sure you have discussed your physical health with your physican before attempting any workout routine.

Level 1 Workout Routine

Stick'em Archery Pro Staff has been involved in fitness for many years as a way to deal with previous injuries.  This has helped the team in the field.  Several Pro Staff members have been working out for over twenty years and they are providing you with a great "foundation" workout routine to help you become more physically fit to help in the field when bowhunting close to home or on a trip. 

Level 2 Workout Routine "Coming Soon"

Level 2 Workout Routine takes what you did in Level 1 to a different level. This is for individuals who want to increase their strength and endurance.  As bowhunters there are a number of muscle groups that we use to help pull the bow, climb a tree, hike over a ridge and drag a deer out of the woods. 

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