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Deer Management Strategies

Stick'em Archery is an advocate of Deer Management Strategies that range from managing doe populations to letting less mature bucks walk to providing high quality nutrition for the deer herd.  The experts from Quality Deer Management Association and Food Plot - Deer Nutrition have partnered with Stick'em Archery to provide you with Bowhunting Articles and information to help you better understand and implement these bowhunting strategies on your property to grow monster whitetail bucks and a healthier whitetail deer herd! 

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Check out our "Ask the Experts" platform to ask these experts your own questions or to see what has been posted on the Expert Answer Board related to Management Strategies...

QDM & Coyotes

You will never defeat coyotes. However, research shows that through Quality Deer Management, you can reduce their impact on whitetails.  By Lindsay Thomas Jr., Editor, QDMA's Quality Whitetails

"Age This Deer"

more has partnered up with QDMA to develop a platform to test your skills around Aging Deer.  If you are focused on allowing your less mature deer walk to ensure you have some mature bucks on your property.  Then you need to know the characteristics of a 2 to 3 yr. old buck vs. 4 to 5 yr. old buck. 

Aging Whitetail Bucks on Hoof 


Is that buck 2.5 or 3.5 years old?  Aging bucks is an important aspect of deer management.  This article from Quality Deer Management Association provides some excellent information to help us bowhunters more effectively age our bucks.

QDM Mythology


Quality Deer Management is just trophy management in disguise, right? Let us set the record straight on this and other myths of Quality Deer Management from the experts from Quality Deer Management Association.

Why Management?


Hi, I'm David Morris from Tecomate Wildlife Systems. Are you tired of seeing mostly does and only the occasional buck  and then, he's a little fellow? Are you interested in seeing more and bigger bucks WHERE YOU HUNT?

Anterless Management


Shooting Does is not always the popular part of bowhunting.  Harvesting Does is a critical part of obtaining a healthy deer herd.  The purpose of this article is to discuss in more detail the specifics of antlerless harvest and how to apply this information to your hunting area.  Sit back with the Quality Deer Management Association Experts and learn more than you ever thought possible...

Hunters Club Liability Insurance

QDMA provides hunters across the country with some of the best information and data on managing your deer herd.  The Quality Deer Management Association also provides land owners and hunters with the opportunity to purchase Hunters Club Liability Insurance Policies.  Check out this article that outlines all the benefits and value of this program.  It is something that is often over looked.


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