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Stick'em University is a library of information for the beginner, intermediate and advanced Bowhunter and Archery fanatic. You will find a comprehensive platform of Bow Hunting Articles, Bowhunting Tips and Archery Tips, Bowhunting Videos and Archery videos, and Bow Hunting Gear Reviews to help you be a more productive Bowhunter in the field. We have experts in Food Plots, Quality Deer Management and Professional Archery Tournament Shooters.

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"Ask the Expert"

Stick'em Archery announces "Ask the Expert" platform that is unlike anything else you will see. This platform from Stick'em Archery will get you closer you to Experts in areas of Food Plot Strategy, Herd Management, Deer Biology, Bow hunting, Archery and much more. We have created a platfrom that will allow you to ask questions of these experts based on topics important to us as bow hunters.

Management Strategies


Stick'em Archery has partnered with Tecomate Wildlife Systems and Quality Deer Management Association to provide you with articles and information on Herd Management Strategies important to today's Bowhunter.

Food Plot/Deer Nutrition


Today's bowhunter more and more is leveraging the value of Food Plot Strategies / Deer Nutrition to grow trophy whitetail bucks. Stick'em Archery has partnered with Tecomate Wildlife Systems to provide you with articles and information on some of the most effective ways to grow monster whitetail bucks!

Bowhunting Strategies


Stick'em Archery Pro Staff is excited to share some of their many years of bowhunting experience. We have incorporated bowhunting best practices, and lessons learned in articles from Scent Control - Stand Placement - Archery Shooting Tips to help get you closer to an opportunity to harvest a trophy animal.

Tips / How To's


Stick'em Archery Pro Staff has put together a number of Bowhunting and Achery Video How To's from Shooting Techniques to Early Season Bowhunting Strategies. We have also added some funny bloopers from our original videos. Get ready to laugh!

Wildlife Biology


Stick'em Archery has provided a platorm to help any bowhunter learn more about the game they are bowhunting. You will find information that ranges from basic physiology to seasonal behavior facts of Whitetail Deer to Moose.

P & Y Scoring


Congrats on harvesting potentially a Pope and Young animal. Stick'em Archery has made it easy for you to score your trophy and learn more about P&Y requirements.  You will also be able to find a certified scorer in your state.

Archery Academics


Archery Academics provides the bow hunter and archery fanatic a platform to learn more about bow technology that include topics around Understanding Kinetic Energy and F.O.C. %, Determining your Draw Length and Draw Weight, Bow Tuning, Archery Calculators and much more....

Bow Hunter Education


Some states require bow hunters to go through a bow hunter education course or obtain a bow hunter education certificate. Stick'em Archery have provided you a number of links to help you get to the organizations that can provide you with this information.

Taxidermy Tips


Now that you have harvested that trophy, what next. Michael Vaden, one of the nations top taxidermist, shares some of his advice on choosing the right taxidermist to properly capping your animal.

Stick'em Fitness


Stick'em Archery Founders/Pro Staff share more than twenty years of fitness knowledge to help you get in shape for the upcoming bow hunting season. Along with tips on preparing for your next bow hunting trip.

DNR Links


Stick'em Archery has made it easy to find your state's DNR site. Check out our easy to navigate map that takes you right to your states website.


Test your Bowhunting Knowledge


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