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Spook Spann (Spook Nation)

Spook is becoming known as one of today's most successful bowhunters.  At a very young age Spook as had a passion for hunting and the outdoors.  He has chased big game across the globe.  Spook as taken numerous monster P&Y and B&C  Whitetails, Muledeer, Elk and even a Polar Bear with his bow.  Spook is going to share some of his tips and bowhuntng experience with you.  (see bio).

Rans Thomas (Tecomate)

Rans is the Senior Wildlife Biologist for Tecomate Wildlife Systems.  The leading company in the country on Advanced Food Plot Strategies and Trophy Deer Management.  Rans brings many years of expert experience on Food Plots and Herd Management Strategies to "Ask the Experts" platform.  Rans is an avid bowhunter and loves to pursue whitetails, elk and turkeys.  Rans can be seen on the Bucks of Tecomate TV show on versus channel (see bio).

Kip Adams (QDMA)

Kip is a Wildlife Biologist with the Quality Deer Management Association.  One of the most respected Wildlife Conservation Organizations in the country.  He brings a wealth of Deer Biology and Herd Management knowledge to the "Ask the Experts" platform.  Kip is also an avid hunter and loves to chase those whitetails (see bio).

Forrest Breedlove (Stick'em Archery)

Forrest was born and raised in Northwestern North Carolina. Planting fence posts on the farm with his grandfather and casting from the stern of his father?s boat pre-fishing for bass tournaments compromised most his time out of school. At a very young age he was introduced to hunting by tagging along with his father armed with nothing more than smile (see bio)

The A to Z of Archery

Jay Maxwell (Stick'em Archery)

Jay is an avid bow hunter who has many years of hunting experience chasing whitetails and turkeys.  He has harvested a number of P&Y class deer over his hunting career.  He currently holds the Georgia State Record for largest Non-Typical Whitetail Deer scoring over 213 P&Y (see bio).

The A to Z of Archery

Burley Hall (Axion Archery/Carbon Express)

Burley is one of the most successful tournament shooters of all time.  Burley shoots for Axion, Mathews, Carbon Express, G5, and many other manufacters.  He will bring a great deal of knowledge to the "Ask the Experts" platform ranging from shooting techinque and practice skills (see bio).

Dave Potts (Axion Archery)

Dave has over thirty years of bow hunting and archery experience.  Dave has owned his own archery pro shop and is an expert in bow tuning and set ups.  Dave works with Axion Archery, where he develops new sights and technology.  He will bring a wealth of knowledge to the "Ask the Experts" platform (see bio).

Bill Lawson (Stick'em Archery)

Bill has over twenty years of hunting experience.  Bill has harvested a number of P&Y class deer over his hunting career.  He produced large numbers of trophy class deer on his families ranch in Central Florida by executing Deer Management Strategies.  He has an excellent sense of understanding deer patterns and getting set up in the right place (see bio).

The A to Z of Archery

Brian Stephens (Stick'em Archery)

Brian has over twenty years of hunting experience.  He had is first bow at age of twelve.  Brian has a very good sense of getting set up on trophy deer by executing key strategies around stand placement, scent control, and understanding deer movement patterns throughout the season.  Brian currently holds record for second largest Non-Typical Whitetail Deer ever harvested in state of Georgia scoring over 193 P&Y inches (see bio).

The A to Z of Archery

Mark Stephens (Stick'em Archery)

Mark joined the Army Special Mission Unit spending almost 14 years as a Special Operations Operator. Mark brings a great deal of tactical expertise to Ask the Experts and will focus on reading TOPO Maps and Navigation tips (see bio).

The A to Z of Archery

Shane McDermott (Mapping the Outdoors)

Shane McDermott is the President and Owner of Mapping The Outdoors. Shane has over 15 years of experience in the development and use of Mapping, Geographic Information Systems, and GPS technologies. He has a B.S. in Business Management from Quincy University, and is a registered GIS Professional (GISP).  (see bio).

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