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Forrest Breedlove

Forrest was born and raised in Northwestern North Carolina. Planting fence posts on the farm with his grandfather and casting from the stern of his father's boat pre-fishing for bass tournaments compromised most his time out of school.

  At a very young age he was introduced to hunting by tagging along with his father armed with nothing more than smile. After Santa Claus brought him that pellet gun all small game felt threatened and as his age increased so did the caliber and body size of the animals he hunted. By his high school years he had been successful at tagging many whitetails with his rifle.

 Football became his primary passion throughout high school and college but the outdoors were never forgotten. His football career ended with many great seasons and some collegiate conference championship rings. With football no longer in the picture he needed something to devote all the time, energy, and focus toward so he took up bowhunting.

 The farmland upbringing accompanied with the physical and mental drive achieved by playing football laid the foundation for his character.  The ambition, work ethic, and never give in attitude are evident in the way he pursues game today. Since picking up the bow in 2004 he has tagged over 75 big game animals with archery equipment on self-guided hunts. Elk, whitetails, antelope, and turkeys are some of the species he has taken on "Do It Yourself" public land hunts. Forrest has completed a self-guided single season turkey Grand Slam as well as harvesting several Pope and Young qualifiers.

  Upon graduating from Catawba College with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Mathematics and Physics he went to work as a CNC programmer. He worked in the CNC machining field for 4 years before pursuing a fulltime career in bowhunting, writing, and video production.

  Currently Forrest is sponsored by; AfterShock Archery, Carter Enterprises, Darton Archery, Firenock, Gold Tip, Millennium Treestands, Quality Archery Designs, Spot Hogg Archery, and Treelimb Products.

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