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Dave Potts Bio:

    David was born in Cleveland, Ohio and his father relocated them to the eastern Ohio lakes region in the late 50's when he was only 2 years old.  Although David's father did not hunt, David and his cousins began trapping while in grade school. He would wake up early, before school, go check his traps, and then go to school.  He began to hunt the illusive whitetail deer in his teenage years and soon began to bow hunt after taking only three deer with a shotgun. After taking his first deer with a bow he soon realized that the excitement of bow hunting was more rewarding than gun hunting to him. David has only taken whitetail deer with a bow since 1985.  Dave has taken a number of monster bucks over his hunting career.  In fact, Dave harvested a Whitetail that scored a 157 P&Y inches just a few years ago in Ohio.

After some bad experiences at local retail "so called"
bow shops, David decided to open his own archery retail shop and began to gather knowledge on proper bow set-ups and shooting form from friends and professional acquaintances in the archery industry.  In 2007, after ten years of retail service, David sold his bow shop and pursued a career in the design and manufacturing of practical and affordable archery bow sights. David is now the national sales manager for Axion Archery.  Dave is also sponsored by Mathews bows.

To learn more about Axion Sights visit them at

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