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Burley Hall (Axion Archery/Carbon Express)

Burley Hall Bio:

Burley has spent his entire 30-year archery career introducing kids and non-archers to the sport.  He is also a prominet face among archers.  In 2001, Burley was voted onto the list of top 25 well known individuals in the world of archery and bowhunting accourding to Archery Business Magazine.  This award was very much warrented.  Burley has (39) combined National Shooter of the Year Titles and (6) World Titles in 3-D.  The most recent being in 2007 when he took first place for the IBO Wetmupka, Alabama, First Leg Southern Triple Crown, and the IBO Southern Triple Overall.  Burley also placed third in the IBO Southern Triple Crown in Pensecola, Florida.

Other than his archery competitions.  Burley has gained respect and recognition from everyone he works with.  He has 30-years of hunting experiences, 10-years of manufactering archery equipment and another 10-years in retail and representation work.

If you don't know Burley in person, you have probably seen him on many hunting videos, TV commericals and as well as magazine articles.  Burley is certified NFAA and NAA level II Archery Instructor as well as a Basic Archery Instructor for ASAP.

"I owe a great amount of gratitude to wife Phyllis, for her support for the last forty years.  Without her ,none of my success in archery would have been possible.  We have one daughter, Carrie and two granddaughters, Kaylee and Paige.  My wife did shoot with me when I first started in amateur classes.  After moving to the Pros, it was too much traveling for the both of us.  Kaylee who if fifteen, hunted with me when she was younger.  Paige is now seven and now still plays at archery.  Carrie never really got into archery, but they all support me.  Without a loving family, success is nothing.  God, Family, Archery, Sales - Life is good."

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