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Tracking an Arrowed Deer

As bow hunters we have had to track a less than perfect shot deer.  Bill Lawson provides over twenty years of tracking experience to help ensure you get your deer.  He will walk you through scenarios that will help increase your chances of finding a "gut" or "liver" shot deer.  As bowhunters we owe it to the animal to do everything we can do find that animal.

Tracking an Arrowed Deer

Scent Control 

Here is another video tip on being as Scent FREE as possible while on stand.  This is a real world tip on when to get dressed for the woods. (Brian Stephens)

Scent Control Video 2

Scent Control

Here are several video clips that provide you with some tips on managing your scent via the proper washing / storage of your clothes and when to get dressed for your hunt. (Brian Stephens)

Scent Control Video 1

Early Season Strategies

Follow along with Brian as he shares some secrets on dealing with tough early season conditions to be more comfortable and productive in the field.

Eary Season Strategies


Early Season Deer Patterns

What are those Bucks doing in the Early Season?  Brian provides some insight on how to set up on these mature whitetail deer during the early season.

Early Season Deer Patterns & Stand Placement






Stand Placement

Ever really think about why stand placement is so critical. Here are a few tips to help you think about "Staging Areas". (Bill Lawson)

Stand Placement Video 1


Getting to your stand

You have just set up your stand. Let's think about how to get there without alarming the deer you are hunting. (Brian Stephens)

Getting to Your Stand Video 1


Early Season Bow Hunting

It's hot and the mosquitos are bad. Here are a few tips to help you manage these conditions during early season. (Brian Stephens)

Early Season Bow Hunting Video 1


Early Season Bow Hunting Video 2





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