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Stick'em Archery has developed a Archery information platform around the A to Z of Archery.  We have all the information you have been looking for to help you learn more about your compound hunting bow set up, hunting arrows, broadheads, paper & bow tuning, broadhead tuning and much more.  Additionally, we have designed calculators that will allow you to input your bow and arrow values to determine your Carbon Arrow Speed Calculators, Kinetic Energy Calculators, F.O.C. % , Arrow Weight Calculators, and more.

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Compound Hunting Bow Tech

Compound Hunting Bow Tech is a platform that provides a great overview of a compound bow's anatomy,power, brace height and let-off basics and much more.....

Determining Your Draw Length

Inorder to have your compound bow fit you and give you the greatest opportunity to shoot well. Jump into this section that will help you determine the proper Bow Draw Lenghth for "you".

Understanding Kinetic Energy

If you ever wanted to learn more about Bow Kinetic Energy, and how to calcuate your bows K.C..  If so, jump into this section to get a great overview....


This section walks you through some basics around arrow fletching, arrow charts and broadhead basics.  This section also provides a great overview around the different types of broaheads to help you determine which one may be best for you....

Understanding F.O.C. %

F.O.C. or Front of Center is a debated topic but we have provided you a great overview of what F.O.C. is, and how to calcuate it....

Archery Calculators

Finally, all the archery calculators you have been using or wanting to use are all in one place.  Use these calculators to help you estimate your Arrow Weight, Arrow Speed, Kinetic Energy and FOC %

Broadhead Tuning

Just purchased your new broadheads?  Check out these tips to help you make sure your broadheads fly where you want them to.  The following information will help you Tune your Broadheads.....

Tuning Your Bow

The following outlines key aspects of bow tuning your compound bow with specific insights and suggestions around paper tuning to fix improper tears that lead to inaccurate arrow flight.

Arrow Shaft Selector Charts


We have put together Archery Arrow Shaft Size/Archery Selector Charts for the leading Arrow Manufacters to help you determine which size hunting or target arrow you should be shooting based on your Draw Weight and Draw Length....

Determining Draw Weight


There are a number philosophy's around Compound Bow Draw Weight.  The reality is there is not a magic bullet.  It really depends on what is best for you and your bowhunting & Archery shooting needs.  With that said here some good rules of thumb to consider.....

Understanding IBO & IBO Standards


Take a moment and learn more about the I.B.O. or International Bowhunting Organization.  We have provided you a great overview I.B.O. and some standards regarding arrow weight requirements, ect...

Bowhunter Education


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned bowhunter we can always increase our learning of the sport of bowhunting or archery. The NBEF and Today's Bowhunter are great resources to increase your knowledge........

The A to Z of Archery

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