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Bill and Brian have been hunting together for over fifteen years. Over the past ten years or so they have become fanatical bow hunters. Together they have harvested a large number of quality bucks hunting in the Southeast and Midwest. Bill and Brian have harvested a large number of mature trophy bucks on Bill's families ranch in Central Florida over the past twenty years. They have accomplished this through extensive quality deer management strategies such as: doe management, culling bucks and providing high quality nutrition for the herd.

For many years Brian has had a dream of combining his experience in sales, marketing and passion of bow hunting. Together Bill and Brian have taken their collective hunting and professional experiences and combined them with their  partners in order to create Stick'em Archery, LLC and Their goal is to grow the Brand of Stick'em Archery through our website, apparel, on-line store and future Stick'em Archery products.  They have a core team that has expertise in areas of professional web design, IT & security, Search Engine Optimization, hunting, marketing, land management, and retired special forces solider.

The Stick'em Archery team have obtained feedback from friends, experts and have done market research to provide a platform we believe the bow hunter is looking for. is an informational web portal for the bow hunter.  "Our goal is to be a "one-stop" destination for information, expert content, resources and community platforms that are important to the bow hunter. We are sharing our hunting experiences and that of external partners in areas of Deer Nutrition, Herd Management, Deer Biology, Archery & Taxidermy. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced bow hunter we are going to provide a platorm of information that will help you "Get Closer" to that opportunity to harvest that trophy animal in the field. We have a motto at Stick'em Archery "You Won't Get'em...If You Don't Stick'em" ™."

North American Whitetail

Here is an article on the Georgia 186 inch P&Y buck by Brian Stephens featured in North American Whitetail (August 2008 issue).


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